All our products are made with quality materials, using structural tubing and special steels.
We have specialized suppliers for components in Italy, USA, Canada and Turkey.
Our machines are protected by a hard layer of polyester powder coating applied electrostatically on a surface cleaned by abrasive blast. On surfaces exposed to highly corrosive materials we use epoxy powder coating, providing increased resistance to corrosion.
We have used CAD for over 15 years. We perform FEA and dynamic simulations on critical components and mechanisms of our machines.
The company has a CNC machining center, CNC lathes and CNC plasma cutting table that allows us the manufacture of parts with high accuracy. We are starting with the use of robots in the welding process. We trust that our production technology allows us to offer a high quality product at the best price.


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We reserve the right to change specifications, product descriptions and pricing  at any time without prior written or oral notice.